Reviving the blog

I haven’t written in a long time. My parents have just set off on a holiday of a lifetime to Las Vegas, and my dad has begun writing a blog of his own, which has reminded me that this blog is sitting here gathering dust! I am still attempting to lose weight, hence why I’ve … Continue reading

Biggest Loser Restart

So it has definitely been a while. I’ve been avoiding writing because I know how long it has been which I know is ridiculous as the longer I wait.. the longer it will have been! So I found a groupon a few weeks ago for┬áThe Biggest Loser Club. It’s an online weight loss program that … Continue reading

Restart: New Year, new try!!

This post would have come a lot earlier had my internet not been broken for the past two weeks. Post-Christmas period I have restarted the diet. First official day was last Monday. I had put on a few Christmas (and pre-christmas) pounds, and I restarted the diet at 18stone 2. Weigh-in on Monday and I … Continue reading

Day One Hundred and Four: Sleepy days

I’m pretty sure I destroyed myself in the gym last night. I’ve been exhausted all day today so I’m having an early night and going to bed at about 10. Realised that yesterday I didn’t really put how I’ve been doing on the diet weight loss-wise. I’ve been stuck at 17st 5/6lbs for weeks, and … Continue reading

Day One-Hundred and Three: Gym Days

It’s astounding how two days without blogging quickly turns into one and a half weeks! Been to the gym this evening, my entire body is screaming at me! I went 20 minutes on the bike and 45 minutes on the treadmill. This doesn’t sound too much, but I’ve been doing what I’m calling “bursts”, where … Continue reading

Day Ninety-Three: Breadmaker

This week I lost a pound, so I am at a 19lb loss so far now. Quite happy with myself, even though I’m not losing the targeted 2lbs a week I am still plodding away at it and I haven’t given up. I’ve been making a LOT of bread tonight, we’re having a buffet at … Continue reading

Day Eighty-Five: Ruddy Useless..

So I’ve been absent for a record two weeks, for which I can only apologise. I’ve felt a bit down in myself but I am back on it this week. Last week I lost a pound, and this week I have stayed the same, which was disappointing, but a small loss or staying the same … Continue reading

Day Seventy-One: Forgetful..

I’m not entirely sure why I keep forgetting to write my blog. I have the full intention every night, but I seem to get caught up in something else. Not had a bad week, we ate out last Wednesday when we went to the cinema – we were at Frankie and Benny’s and I was … Continue reading

Day Sixty-Five: Under the Sea(/pool)

We’ve been swimming again today – I’ve been a few times in between now and my last post and I can definately seen an improvement in my swimming. First time we went if you remember it was lengths in the 50m pool – the two times since that first time it was swimming widths, so … Continue reading