Posted in July 2012

Day Sixteen: Sizzling Pepper!

Not a bad day at all today. I had a good day food wise at work, apple for breakfast, jacket potato and tuna for lunch. No snacks, and plenty of water. I feel quite good for it really. I was thinking about the weekend earlier, and I think I’m still not quite over how big … Continue reading

Day Fifteen: Back to the Grind

Again, only a short entry tonight. Tea was a very uninspired steak and chips – as I was too tired to cook what I have in mind for the chicken we currently have in the fridge. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually cook something that I can share with you! Again it was my weigh-in this … Continue reading

Day Ten: Sleepless in Sheffield

Right, today will not be a long post – I’ve been shattered all evening, fell asleep twice for a considerable amount of time already, so I’ve not got much to say unfortunately. Work went quite quickly, which was nice – and it meant I wasn’t bored and thinking about eating (like everyone else seemed to … Continue reading

Day Nine: Mental Struggle

So today I had a bit of a bad day at work (I can’t really explain why as I don’t really know, but that’s besides the point), and normally what I would do after a bad day is grab some beer, maybe some chocolate, and slob in front of the telly. However, after a bit … Continue reading

Day Eight: Weigh-in

So today I had my weigh in. I now weigh 18st 4lbs – a total of 6lbs loss for the first week. I’m really chuffed with this, but I think I can push myself more to keep it coming off. Had a bit of a treat tonight, went to Pizza Express before we went to … Continue reading

Days Six and Seven: Catching Up

First of all apologies for not putting a blog up yesterday. I had some friends over and didn’t get chance to type up the day’s exploits. Yesterday I didn’t have chance to do my Davina (I was quite busy yesterday lol), so while hoovering/cleaning etc I danced about like an idiot to work up a … Continue reading

Day Five: TGIF…

This week has been a verrrry long week. Unfortunately this won’t be as long of a post, as today I don’t really have much to talk about. Planning on blitzing the gym this weekend, as I’ve let the exercise slip this week (despite it being the first week, when my motivation should be sky-high). Looking … Continue reading

Day Four: Jealous Stares

Why is it when you’re not allowing yourself to have something, everyone around you seems to have it? When you work in an office people always seem to be snacking. There is a vending machine in the kitchen area in my area, where the water dispenser is. I’m drinking a lot of water at the … Continue reading

Day Three: Public Opinion

Today was more difficult than the previous two. I’ve been hungry most of the day, and the temptation to snack on things has been quite hard to fight off. Simply having my breakfast around an hour earlier than normal made a massive difference, and I was starving come midday – which is strange for me. … Continue reading