Day One

So today I had my official “Weigh-in”, to show my starting point.  I am currently at my heaviest I have ever been – 18st 10lbs. Rather than a deterrent (Why bother, it will be too difficult etc), I’m seeing this as a bigger motivation to get to where I want to be.

Food today consisted of an Apple for breakfast, Cream of Broccoli soup and a roll (No croutons, which is a big thing for me!), and a Grilled chicken breast with boiled potatoes and sweetcorn. I have drunk water all day, bar one pot of tea this morning, and a rum and diet coke this evening. Tomorrow should be more interesting food-wise, at least for tea. I’ve picked out a few recipes and the other half is going shopping for the ingredients during the day, so I should have a nice recipe to share tomorrow.

I failed to go to the gym this morning, however I made it up this evening by doing a workout on Davina Fit – a fitness DVD by Davina Macall. It was difficult, but it felt worthwhile after I had done it. I did the Aerobics Fit – it was tiring, but I feel good for doing it now. It sounds really corny, but Davina messing about and being happy and bubbly really did boost my mood whilst doing it. The next time I do it (the next day I don’t go to the gym), I’m going to push myself to do the Aerobics Fit and the Kick Fit workouts – which will be just under an hour of workout. I feel I need to push myself to really succeed in what I am trying to do.

Altogether, today has been a good start!

Calorie shock of the day: Aniseed Balls are 20 calories each!!! Doesn’t help that I have a big bag of them from the Sweetie Man at work on my desk!


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