Day Three: Public Opinion

Today was more difficult than the previous two. I’ve been hungry most of the day, and the temptation to snack on things has been quite hard to fight off. Simply having my breakfast around an hour earlier than normal made a massive difference, and I was starving come midday – which is strange for me.

Breakfast today was an Apple, dinner was left over stew from last night, and tea was a Quorn Cottage Pie ready meal. I have snacked a bit (not much at all) when I got back home from work today, but the cottage Pie is only 260 calories so it covers a little bit of snacking.

Me and Davina had some quality time together when I got home. I did the Kick Fit program and half of the Aerobics one from the other night. Kick Fit was so fun, I could do it every night (and I may well!!). I am going to try get to the gym at least one morning this week, as I have failed in this aspect so far this week, but I think I’ve been doing well other than that.

I’m going to have a little rant now, just as a prewarning. So, as I was walking home today I had “Fatty” shouted at me. This has happened before many times, and I know it will happen again. I have a brilliant support system and so I don’t dwell too much on it (although a few years ago it used to destroy my confidence), but I just have to wonder what brings people to shout something as hurtful as that at some stranger in the street. Yes, I’m overweight. Yes, I am aware of this fact. Yes, I’m doing something about it. Does it affect you? No, it doesn’t. Is shouting at me your way of attempting to motivate me to lose weight? No, I sincerely hope not. Now, I understand that bullies exist in this world, and yes they do make fun of people for no reason at all – but usually it is someone you at least know slightly. Perhaps I’m being naive (it happens a lot), but what would bring someone to yell at an indivudual girl walking along the street? Now because I’ve got the support I do, situations like this don’t affect me like they used to, but a few years ago it was devastating every time it happened. I just wonder if these people realise what effect they could have on someone’s day with their offhand insult shouted out of their car.

Rant over.. anywho! All in all, today has been more trying than the other days, but that is bound to happen. Bring on tomorrow!


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