Day Nine: Mental Struggle

So today I had a bit of a bad day at work (I can’t really explain why as I don’t really know, but that’s besides the point), and normally what I would do after a bad day is grab some beer, maybe some chocolate, and slob in front of the telly. However, after a bit of a internal rant, I sucked it up, got into my workout clothes, and had a good workout with Davina! I did the first 20 mins of both Aerobic Fit and Kick Fit (I’m not doing the floor bits yet), and I did about 10 mins of Bottom Fit (only 10 mins as my legs were killing from the Aerobic Fit!!!). I did feel a lot better for working out. I think today was good for me, because I realised that I don’t need to eat a lot of calories or drink beer to make my day better (which I know might sound very simple and shouldn’t take an epiphany to realise, however the realisation (which I will hopefully stick to) has broken a lifetime habit of gorging myself on food.)

Si cooked tea tonight, we had a Chilli Con Carne and Rice. It was delicious, and according to my app (myfitnesspal) the entire meal was less than 700 calories. I had a (admittedly awful) chicken salad from work, and again I had an apple for breakfast.

Si always puts a can of beer in the Chilli, so we’ve had some in the flat. I’ve had one as a treat, as I did well last week. I think it was the slowest I’ve drank a can of beer in a long time! Good thing is though that one was enough. Think I’ve successfully weaned myself off beer!

All in all today, the daytime hasn’t been great, but I think this evening has made it better – I think I’ve got over a hill, although there’s an entire mountain to go yet…


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