Day Fifteen: Back to the Grind

Again, only a short entry tonight.

Tea was a very uninspired steak and chips – as I was too tired to cook what I have in mind for the chicken we currently have in the fridge. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually cook something that I can share with you!

Again it was my weigh-in this morning. I’ve lost another two pounds, which I am really happy with (it actually warrented a celebration dance this morning). I wasn’t sure if I’d hit the goal for the past week, as I’d not been as careful with food (for example wedges crept their way onto the menu last week), and I haven’t exercised over the weekend as I’ve not been feeling 100%. Really gonna try ramp it up this week, to make sure that I don’t get complacent.

Anywho, Hells Kitchen is on now, so I’m going to go!


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