Days Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen: Dropping the ball…

Okay, so I have completely failed to keep this going over this weekend, apologies. I’ve had quite a busy weekend in some respects, I had a staff party on Friday and my friend came round last night which was amazing.

Food wise, I had steak and wedges on Thursday for my tea, pork loin and mash on Friday, pork loin and wedges on Saturday, and last night I had half a pizza!! Not the most creative or varied meals, however they were all quick and easy to make – and most importantly they all kept me under my calorie intake for the day.

My brother has just told me that he and his girlfriend are joining in on the fitness bandwagon, which I think is absolutely brilliant – and I’m really happy that they are doing something to become healthier.

I’ll be doing another update tonight, when I’ve made my (hopefully more impressive) tea!


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