Days Eighteen and Nineteen: Illness

So it turns out dieting when you’re ill is difficult when you’re me. Thursday was horrid, I felt so unwell and I ended up sulking when Si wouldn’t let me have a takeaway. He made a lovely Honey Glazed chicken, with boiled potatoes and some veg – however at the time burger and chips were a lot more appealing. This is a throwback to when eating was a comfort – however in reality I think having a greasy meal would 1. make me feel worse in myself because it would be heavy and wouldn’t help the illness, and 2. would make me feel so angry with myself for caving in and having an extremely high calorie meal just because I felt under the weather. I worked Si’s meal out to be around 400 calories, which was brilliant really – especially considering that if we’d have broken and had a takeaway, I could easily had in excess of 1500 calories depending what we ordered. The rest of that day I had eaten some toast, and a ham sandwich for lunch. I don’t think I snacked that much, but I did have a prepared fruit box from tesco, which was not only delicious but it was 137 calories. Either way I was under my calorie intake for the day (as usual).

Yesterday was another good day – I was still feeling ill but I felt better than Thursday, and I felt better for not caving in and getting a takeaway. We went shopping to the big tesco near us, and I felt myself looking at calories on things that I used to eat as “snacks” or for dinner, and realising just how much I was actually eating. On occasion I didn’t think that I was snacking much at all, and used to say “I just eat slightly the wrong thing”. I realise now, when I have been looking at the calories of everything I’m eating, how wrong I was. Yes, I might not have snacked, but you maybe consumed 580 calories alone in those 4 beers you had in the evening, that along with fatty, calorific meal – perhaps chicken dippers and chips for 650 calories maybe. That’s 1230 calories JUST in a standard evening, and that’s if I don’t snack. So not only was my diet processed and very high in calories, but there’s no goodness there – no vitamins, no fruit or veg. Chuck in the occasional chips at work, or a big cooked meal for lunch from the canteen, and I was consuming ridiculous amounts of calories without even noticing it. I think that is the problem though, that you don’t know what you’re eating unless you really pay attention. I’m looking at everything for calories, and if it isn’t there, I’m googling it or looking it up on myfitnesspal. It might seem slightly obsessive, but it is how I am keeping control of it.

Yesterday we had fajitas for tea – I had bought a ready pack of it just to have something different. They were really nice, and easy, and worked out to be around 477 for two chicken fajitas. The rest of the day I had one slice of toast, and a ham sandwich. I feel quite upbeat about the diet again now, after my slight faltering on Thursday.  Really hoping to get under 18 stone this week (yes I know it is slightly more than 3lbs, but it would be really great to be under that) but I suppose we’ll find out on Monday!!


One thought on “Days Eighteen and Nineteen: Illness

  1. Glad you’re feeling better and well done for not giving in the the takeaway urge. Thank you Si for keeping her on the right track.

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