Day Twenty-Two: Weighed Down

The official weigh in today was slightly disappointing. I have lost 1lb this week, one pound down on my weekly target. I think that it is mainly due to being ill at the end of last week, but still it is annoying the first time I haven’t met my goal.

I’ve strung my bow tonight, I’m leaving it tonight to ensure that the limbs are stable and the tiller is the same as it was (I haven’t shot for far too long). I’m planning to start training to get myself back to tournament standard, but at the moment the most I can do is just draw it a lot and build up my back muscles to make sure I can still handle the poundage.

Tea today was a bacon wrapped chicken breast with cheese, pre-prepared from tesco. It was 235 calories, and we had it with vegetables (frozen packet) and potatoes. Altogether it was around 445 calories, which is pretty good. Had an apple for breakfast and Spring Vegetable soup for dinner (did falter and had croutons though!) I did also have a latte this morning, for a whopping 200 calories. I think that if I can’t allow myself a latte on a Monday morning when I’m shattered, this diet isn’t for me! I’ve still ended up below my calorie intake for the day, so I’m happy with that.

Got my positive hat on for this week, I WILL make 2lbs (hopefully 3 to make up for last week!)


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