Day Twenty-Three: No, you’re not hungry!!!

So today was surprising actually. Had my usual apple for breakfast, and soup for lunch. In between breakfast and lunch though my stomach was GROWLING! I thought I was so hungry it was unbelievable. There’s the word though, THOUGHT. My manager had a packet of crisps she was rustling through, my colleague opposite was working his way through a pack of mini cheddars, my other colleague was talking about McDonalds Breakfasts and I had received an email from Dominos kindly informing me that they still have their “buy one get one free” offer today. All I could think about in between calls was food. I tried thinking about the amazing food I’ve been cooking recently which is not only tasty but is healthy, but sometimes it is no match for a deep pan Mighty Meaty in my mind!

I think probably about 85% of any diet is mental, not physical. Yes it is deeply important that you eat right and exercise, and of course that will inevitably be the thing that loses you the weight, but mentally you have to realise what you’re doing. You have to not only constantly think how having a packet of crisps will affect what you eat for the rest of the day – but also how it will affect how you’re feeling. If you’re like me you’ll beat yourself up for being “weak” and eating something you shouldn’t. I know it sounds dramatic, but it can be sometimes. For me, you have to be mentally prepared for weight loss well before you physically start it. I have danced around with “dieting” for the past 3 years, but I have never prepared myself for the massive upheaval it causes. You really are completely changing the way you think, act and even spend your time. I used to relish in going to the pub for a beer after work, however now I have to think no, I’ll have a soda water (or if I’m really pushing the boat out I might have a rum and diet coke!!).

I actually found myself saying out loud that I was full this evening. I have to behave myself – however Si is out which means that I could cheat and noone would know!!!! The temptation is killing me, but so far I’ve been good.

Tea was a fresh pasta and sauce from Tesco (spinach and ricotta tortelloni, with a tomato and mascarpone sauce, around 550 calories for the lot which was good. It was also really tasty, cheap and incredibly quick to make. I’d recommend it if you were in a rush, or just wanted a day off from cooking.

Got my bow out last night, I’ve definitely got the shooting bug again!


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