Days Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five: Birthday Cake

It was someone at work’s birthday yesterday. My manager is a fond baker. I sit right next to my manager. Today and yesterday have not been pleasant for me. She baked a Chocolate Orange chocolate cake with buttercream, and pineapple buns. I LOVE chocolate orange, and I LOVE pineapple. I am so incredibly proud of myself for not having a single bit of them. I’m sure they were delicious – everyone kept coming back for more, and I think I may have offended by not partaking (bloody office politics…)

My team seem to think that I am restricting myself too much. For instance, the fact I’ve said that if I meet my goal for the month of an average of 2lbs a week we can have a takeaway is being too restrictive. According to them I should allow myself one a week!! I might have to explain to them how a diet works… By all means, when I get down to a managable normal weight we could maybe have one every fortnight, but to eat healthily and really make a difference there is no way I could have that much. Also with the cakes yesterday and today, I was told that “one cupcake won’t hurt” and that I “have to enjoy something”. I’m working hard on breaking my food=happiness thought process, and they’re really not helping that much. To be successful I have to be hard on myself in this period of the diet. When I get there I’ll loosen up, but until then breaking for a day or two could completely ruin it.

I do have other people who are being helpful. I had my first “I can tell you’ve lost weight” today, admittedly, from my close friend at work, but still it was nice that she thought to say. Si has been so incredibly helpful it is unbelievable. So much so, he did Davina Fit with me tonight. It was funny, but it really helped me out. He made tea as well, so he’s earned a few brownie points tonight. We had fajitas again, which again were really nice. I’ve tried a different breakfast (gasp!) I had an Alpen Light Breakfast Bar. I was concerned it was not gonna be enough to keep me full until lunch, but I managed it. I did have a bit of a treat for lunch in that I had a subway, but I made sure that it was under 500 calories and I didn’t snack throughout the rest of the afternoon (even though I was really craving a packet of cheese and onion french fries!)


One thought on “Days Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five: Birthday Cake

  1. Well done for the will power. don’t let people get you down – they are only jealous. looking forward to seeing you next weekend to see how much you have lost. Thank you Si for helping and looking after Cath.

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