Days Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven: Getting a sweat on

Today has been such a productive day in comparison to some weekends I’ve had recently. We got up around 10:30, had a cup of tea then did a workout with Davina, then we went to tesco to buy food for the week, got back, watched olympics, put a wash on, hoovered and mopped, then did another workout with Davina!! I say “we” as Si did them again with me, as he did last night and the night before. I’m starting to feel the benefit of working out using the dvds, and I actually managed to do a bit that I couldn’t do when I started today.

Burnt around 500 calories by doing the two workouts today. I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast, which sounds bad but I used one slice of bread and one slice of bacon, so it meant it was around 120 calories. For dinner we had a Chicken and Sweetcorn soup we bought from tesco, which was about 170 calories – and I also had some bread with it, which is about 80 calories. Tea was Healthy Fish and Chips (Recipe: Here) which is under 400 calories. I’ve had a couple of beers though, and I had an Ice Lolly earlier (gasp!!) so I’ve had quite a healthy but relaxed day really.

Feeling like I’m making a real change now, especially with it coming up to the month from when I started. I’m really feeling that I will keep the momentum up, and that it is more than just a diet now, it is a change that will hopefully stay with me for a long time.

More tomorrow


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