Days Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine: The Frankie and Benny’s Test

First off, the results of the weigh-in today!!! *drum-roll* I lost 2lbs this week, which I am really chuffed with. I have now lost a total of 11lbs, which means that I am now under 18stone!!!! I am so happy with this it is unbelieveable.

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy good day. I cleaned a bit of the flat and I did Davina Fit in the evening. For tea we had Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni with a tomato and marscarpone sauce which was lovely, and the rest of the day I behaved myself quite well. Today was good food wise while I was at work, I had an Alpen Bar for breakfast (63 calories) and an egg mayo sandwich for dinner, with grapes and orange as well. It was a really nice dinner and I wasn’t hungry all through the afternoon which was really good.

I had a new starter with me today who was just rubbing me up the wrong way, not just for film/tv taste, but he also kept mentioning that he couldn’t put weight on at all, all the while describing his “8 McDonalds, 4 KFCs and fish and chips” he had last week. This was also while he was munching on a pack of minstrels. Now I don’t have a problem with anyone being able to eat what they want (usually), it’s just when they rub it in my face when they know full well I’m on a diet that pisses me off. Maybe I sound bitter, but I really don’t think anyone should be able to eat that much crap and still be a skinny bastard.

This evening we went to Centertainment in Sheffield. We went bowling, played two games (I lost both, boo!!) and we had a meal at Frankie and Benny’s. Because I’ve met my goal of at least 2lbs a week on average over the last 4 weeks, we had a treat. I’ve had a few beers, and I was supposedly going to misbehave at Frankie and Benny’s, and just have whatever I wanted. The problem was the diet has actually set in in my mind. I was looking at everything on the menu, and I chose so many different mains I thought Si was gonna go crazy at me. One main I chose was the Chicago Grinder, which was a calzone pizza stuffed with everything that sounded delicious. I looked it up on my calorie app and it was a whopping 1240 calories!!! The fact that it was 110 calories off what my main goal of the day was just so off putting, I couldn’t choose it. I eventually chose a Mozzarella Garlic Pizza Bread for a starter and Spaghetti Bolognese for a main, with corn on the cob for a side. I ate 3 quarters of the pizza bread, and probably half (if not less) of the Spag Bol, along with half a corn on the cob. I was so full after that it was unbelieveable, I’d have demolished the entire meal before I started this diet and been as full as I am right now. Since today was the first time we’ve eaten out since I’ve started the healthy eating, it has been both a real test and proof that what I am doing is making a difference. The mental change is just starting to be there, and that was proved by me having a bloody dilema of whether to be good healthy or just misbehave!! I’m quite proud of myself for knowing when to say enough is enough, but I do feel bad for Si having to finish almost half my meal as well as his own!!


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