Days Thirty and Thirty-One: Fish Adventures

I have never been a lover of fish. Ever since I bit down into a un-shelled prawn which scratched against my tooth (weird I know, but put me off for a long time) I have been against most fish. I would eat tuna (tinned) and cod/haddock (i.e. fish and chips). This week I tried Salmon for the first time in my life. It was a fresh piece, not smoked, and I’m proud for trying it. I cant decide if I liked it or not – weird I know. I took the skin off my piece, because I still do not like the skin of fish, however it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world and there were slight remnants of skin left, which meant that I kept getting a taste of the skin. For the salmon I basically removed the skin for my portion (Si had the

skin on his), I then coated the top side with Philadelphia cheese (I used Spring onion and Black Pepper flavour) and coated the cheese with breadcrumbs. It didn’t crisp up like I thought it might, but I just left it in the oven so if I had done a bit more with it, it may have done it a little more. I just boiled some potatoes to go with it.

Tonight we had Spaghetti Bolognase because I forgot to defrost any of the meat we have! Ooops!

The last few days we’ve had a buffet at work for people’s birthdays. It has been difficult to behave, but I think I have managed it on a whole. Dinner has been rather easy, I’ve either had a sandwich (today) or banana and some cheese and onion french fries yesterday.

I don’t have much to say today, so I will leave it here!


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