Day Fourty-Three: Back to Square One

So happily today I have lost the 2lbs I put on last week, so I am back where I was 2 weeks ago. While this may not sound good, I am happy that I have lost the weight again while having a not-so-strict weekend. This weekend Si was playing in the finals of the Division 2 BAFANL playoffs, and my brother Chris came to watch it with me. Of course, because we were watching American Football we had to have greasy food and beer!! I had a few chips, Chris had a hotdog and the rest of my chips, and we both had a couple of beers. It was really, REALLY fun, and to top it off Si’s team won, so now they are national champs of Div 2! I never thought I could get as much into sport as I am at the moment, but I’m not complaining.

This morning’s weigh-in as I say meant that I’d lost the 2 pounds I’d put on, so I am back under 18stone and I am raring to go. I failed to do exercise today as my back was hurting, but Si has shown me some stretches which really eased the pain so I’m hoping I’ll be able to utilise them in the future. I think at the moment I am slightly behind the 2lbs goal/week now (just checked, I’m 1lb behind), but if I really try hard and put the effort in I will be able to lose my target by the time Bean is here. I am going to try and go swimming at some point, but working up the courage to go swimming is difficult sometimes (I know that sounds ridiculous, but walking around in a skin-tight suit isn’t that appealing when you feel like a hippopotamus).

Tea tonight was Gammon and Wedges with some Pineapple. I made a few wedges, but still it was around 800 calories which was really good – especially considering during the day I had a sandwich for lunch and toast for breakfast, so I’m within my calories for the day.

I have found a new way to stop myself eating bad things. Earlier today I sooooo wanted some chocolate, or something sweet. Now from a Tesco Mishap last year I have got 5 chocolate oranges in our cupboard (they accidentally had 2 offers on at once so I got 6 for about £1.50 and haven’t eaten them yet), so I go and grab one, and put it on the table while I watch telly and play on my laptop. Now just because of the sheer precence of chocolate, the cravings stop. I’m guessing this isn’t the technical science-y reason why I stopped craving it, but in my mind because it was there I didn’t want it anymore. So that is now my new top tip for myself (and any others out there with my weird thought process), just put it in front of you and you don’t want it anymore!! (and yes, I do realise this is the opposite of most, as in when something is in front of them they cannot resist it!)

Anyway, I think I am done for the night for blogging – expect me to be much more active in the next few weeks! I am really pushing my enthusiasm into it – and maybe by this time next week I’ll have actually been swimming!!


One thought on “Day Fourty-Three: Back to Square One

  1. well done fro the weight loss. Glad you and Chris had a good weekend, and congratulations to Si and the team. Keep up with the positive attitude.

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