Day Fourty-Five: Kicking Fit…

Pre-warning, this following rant is not weight related (or not initially at least..)

I was having a good day today until I got home and opened my one piece of post that was actually for me (as opposed to the numerous others for the old occupier). It was a kind note from Scottish Power, saying that for our modest 1 bed flat we had to pay £80+ for 1 month’s electricity bill. I was fuming! I checked our previous bill which had been based on actual usage, and they had about doubled our actual usage for the estimate. Unluckily, I received a call shortly after this revelation from Scottish Power. The poor call rep didn’t know what had hit her. Asking if there was any reason why I’d decided to move away from them, I launched into a tirade about how extortionate they are, and around 4 minutes later after she decided the best thing to do would be to tell me that they have a new tariff that would be brilliant for me! The call definately didn’t last very long after that…. Anywho, more to the point, as this had made me extremely worked up I decided to do Kick Fit on the Davina DVD. My GOD I haven’t put as much effort into that as I did today – every punch and every kick meant something, and now I feel so incredibly relaxed it’s brilliant.

I have also decided that I am going to try make myself more supple, as when I was younger I used to be able to do the splits and lots of stretches, as I did ballet, and I want to get back to that supple-ness. This means that I am doing more stretches, and as they don’t take too long I can do them on an evening just watching telly – so even if I don’t do Davina I’m still getting a bit of activity in to make sure that I’m not seizing up.

We had fajitas tonight, which were really lovely as normal. I had tomato soup for lunch, and a special K breakfast bar for breakfast. Unfortunately there was a buffet at work today, but I think I behaved myself as well as could be expected, and maybe only munched on 200ish calories over the day. I feel I counteracted this by walking rather briskly home… (yeh right, I wish it were that easy!) Hoping for 2/3 pound loss this week, however as I’m going over to Blackpool this weekend the temptation of Fish and Chips might be a bit of a daunting task!! I will try to get a bit of exercise in over the weekend, be it either plenty of walking down the prom (or in Stanley Park), or swimming (in a pool, not the sea!) We shall see.


One thought on “Day Fourty-Five: Kicking Fit…

  1. I wonder where you learnt how to have a go at call reps of unreputable firms lol. Well done for the calorie count today. Enjoy Blackpool – Vic will keep you in line lol.

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