Day Fifty-One: Jelly Legs

Again, another busy weekend so I’ve unfortunately dropped off from blogging again!! I really need to make a massive effort to remember on a night to actually write it!!

This week I lost 1lb, which while it was slightly disappointing, it is still a loss. I’ve had three busy and not strict weekends all in a row, so it is to be expected really. Needs to be said as well that I will have weekends like that, as I’ve said all the way through, it’s not really a diet it’s a change of attitude – so I have to be able to have less strict weekends.

Me and Si went swimming today, it was brilliant but it was a massive reminder that I need to work on my fitness!! We were swimming in the Competition Pool in Ponds Forge, which is Olympic standard – so it is 50 metre lengths! I have never swum properly in an Olympic sized pool before (at least I don’t think I have) – and after a few lengths it really started to burn. We spent about 30/45 minutes swimming, and had a break between each length. Hopefully if and when we go again we’ll be able to work on that and maybe do continuous after a while. My entire body felt like jelly afterwards, which I can only take as a good thing!!

For tea today we had Jacket Potato, Fish Cakes and some vegetables – for a total of around 516 calories. I’m also having a fruit cocktail for dessert as it was only 20p from tesco!! Bargain.

Good day today, hopefully the momentum will continue throughout the week!


3 thoughts on “Day Fifty-One: Jelly Legs

  1. That’s very true! Just on the “Stay Positive” wagon now – kick starting it again this week so we shall see what happens!

    I’ve always enjoyed swimming, I just have no idea how they go so fast in the olympics!!!! 😛

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