Day Fifty-Two: Gym Fail…

So today the plan was for me and Si to go to the gym after work. I’d left my gym kit out, told Si what I needed, and he’d got it all ready and walked into town to meet me. We wander over to Ponds Forge gym, and he asks for entrance to the gym. Now what I may need to explain before I start ranting (although if you’ve read this before/know me personally you’ll already know) is that Si plays American Football. He’s incredibly sporty, and has always played some form of sport throughout his life. You take one look at him and you know that he knows his way around a gym. He screams “work-out” at you when you look at him sometimes (figuratively, not literally of course). Now, when the guy at the desk in Ponds Forge asks if he has had an induction, the natural answer is “no, but I’ve been in a gym or two (or five!) in my life, I know what I’m doing I don’t need one”. I understand that they may need all the boxes to be ticked when they’re going through their daily lives, but to quote Health and safety at us and not let him in the gym before paying £18 (yes, EIGHTEEN pounds) for an induction – which would quite simply be, “here’s the gym, here’s the weights, need anything else?” is just extortion!

Health and Safety is one of my pet peeves. I had to complete a DSE assessment at work the other day. There were the general questions, and common sense answers that normally come along with these things. “Sit straight on your chair, don’t twist, have your wrists at a horizontal angle”.. Please. I’ve been using computers since I was about 3, I’m sure that I know where my mouse should be in regards to my keyboard. I know what is comfortable for me, and I know when I am going to hurt myself. I do not need to spend over an hour clicking on answers telling me where my eyes should be in relation to my monitor!! To add insult to injury (pun intended..) afterwards I was asked to go through the “stretching exercises” section, and these stretches are recommended before I start my days work… sitting at a desk. I am not even kidding. There were arm, leg, back, neck and eye stretches. They were actually more extensive than stretches I do before and after working out. I don’t know about you, but if I saw someone stretching before sitting down for a few hours at a desk I’d think they were bloody insane.

To draw this rant back to what I originally started on, I think that charging someone £18 to be shown round a gym is just ridiculous, and it ended in neither of us staying and working out. If someone gets hurt and it is down to the equipment being faulty, then yes – the gym should be liable. However, if I act like a complete idiot and fall off the tredmill because I decide to stop running while it’s still going, that is entirely my fault, and I should be the one who is liable. However, this is not how we work nowadays, and I think we’re worse off for it. There should just be a way of proving you know how not to harm yourself in that situation, especially seeing as the inductions are so ridiculously simple they’re almost insulting (and that’s coming from someone who is overweight!!) The one I had for Ponds Forge, I was actually complimented on my tredmill technique. Oh, Mr Trainer, you mean my WALKING technique? Thanks, I’ve been working on it for 21 years…

Dinner tonight was Fajitas, I had a sandwich and some walkers baked crisps for lunch, and a special K breakfast bar for brekkie! Also had a couple of segments of a Chocolate Orange tonight, but I’m sure it won’t cause too much damage 😛


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