Day Fifty-Six: Colourful Food

I’ve been up and down with my feelings about dieting recently. I hate it when I’m exercising (most of the time), and love it when I see results. Today I had an up and down day – me and Si went into town to do a few errands, and we were going to go swimming afterwards, but I wussed out and didn’t want to go, so we didn’t. I kept thinking to myself how annoyed I was that I “had” to exercise and “had” to diet. After that, we went to a pub for lunch and I had a Morrocan Spiced Lamb Broth – and I kept thinking how amazing it was that being on the diet has made me choose something completely different on the menu, rather than just having beer and a burger or steak and chips. It was a strange day…

So, due to not going swimming, I said that as a bit of a punishment for wussing out I would do two Davina workouts in a row, and if I didn’t then (wait for it..) I wouldn’t be able to watch last night’s Doctor Who. MASSIVE punishment for me. So after a bit of a sit after getting in to cool down a little bit I did kickfit, quickly followed by aerobic fit. I HATED myself for suggesting the punishment, as I wanted to stop 2 minutes into the second work out section… But I’m sure it was worth it..

Today I made Sweet and Sour Pork with Noodles, it was surprisingly delicious! I’ve always been a little bit dubious about cooking my own Asian food, but whenever I’ve made it recently it seems to have gone well, so I think I’ll start making it more. The recipe I used for the pork today was from the latest Slimming World magazine, in an insert named “all your takeaway faves made lighter”. Some of the recipes in it look amazing so I’m really looking forward to cooking more of them – because if there is one thing I miss whilst being on a diet it is having takeaways!!! I’ve started buying Weightwatchers and SlimmingWorld magazines simply for the recipes. The articles are good as well but the main idea is to keep being inspired to cook healthy food. I love eating healthy food, it always seems so colourful, the vegetables are crunchy and full of flavour.

I went out last night with Si and a couple we’re friends with. Me and Anna wanted cocktails, so we went to Browns – which is a really nice, classy place in Sheffield. However, contrary to popular belief you can’t really find healthy cocktails….. Ah well, it was a one off. I was drinking Coconut Daiquri’s, which were absolutely fantastic. It was basically coconut rum, sugar and lime… probably not the best thing to drink but I had a brilliant night so I think that makes it alright – as I say, for a one off.

I will type up the recipe for the Pork tomorrow (or Tuesday, as I may be going out again tomorrow night), as I need to start winding down for bed now!

Weigh-in tomorrow, hopefully it will be a positive!!!


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