Day Fifty-Eight: Bobbing along.. on the bottom of the beautiful Ponds Forge Pool..

Today I think I’ve been exceptionally good. For breakfast I cooked Si a sausage and bacon sandwich – and I had Pineapple and Belvita biscuits as I wasn’t at work (for a total of 314 calories – quite a large breakfast for me, but it was better than the sandwich!!). Lunch was a John West Mediterranean Tuna Salad (delicious!!! – for a total of 248 calories), and tea was Steak and wedges, for a surprisingly decent 800 calories – I’d made a few too many wedges so it was higher than I expected, but still within my quota for the day.

Me and Si went swimming again today. It’s always absolutely brilliant when I get in there, but a little daunting before I get in the pool. We swam for over an hour (that is including small breaks in between widths), but I burnt over 600 calories, which is incredible. We might be going again tomorrow, which will be nice – there is something really nice about the feeling you get after exercising, which I am enjoying at the moment. I’m hoping the fact I like the feeling afterwards and the fact I’m getting used to feeling it more often will keep the exercise going.

I found something funny in the pool today, Si said that we can go at “my speed” for swimming, and kept holding back for me. I think that this hit home, as I’ve realised that “my speed” is partially what has got me in this position after 22 years. I need to try someone else’s speed to see if I’ve just had the brakes on for my own speed for the entirety of my life! If we go tomorrow we’ve agreed that we’ll start off with a “chase” exercise, in which Si will set off (not at full speed of course) and I have to catch him. I am very dubious that I will actually catch him, but it is going to be a good way to make me and him put more effort in, rather than just casually swimming up and down each width. I think as well it will help me realise what my potential is, and what I can do. I am also hoping the weather is nice this weekend as I may try to go to the Archery Field here in Sheffield – however it’s a bit of a faff which is why I’ve not gone yet, so this may stop me.

Tomorrow the plan is to make fish cakes for tea, but hopefully healthy-ish fish cakes!! I’m expecting about 400 calories for them and then a little more for the additional stuff (ie veg/potatoes), which isn’t too bad really.


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