Day Fifty-Nine: Lazy day..

Today was so promising when we were talking about it last night – cleaning was going to be done, and we were going to go swimming, but in theory we both just wanted to relax, watch a bit of TV and play on our computers. I didn’t feel too well this morning either, so we postponed swimming for the afternoon, and by the time we noticed what time it was there wasn’t enough time to go! Planning on going to the gym or swimming tomorrow, Si will be working until late so I might as well do something! Not sure if I’m ready for solo swimming yet, but I can’t really see why I wouldn’t go – just gym will be quieter after 5, I think the swimming pool might be quite busy at that time.

Tea tonight was homemade fishcakes and wedges. Not fantastically good for you, but they were nice and really not too bad at all – I’ve just input the recipe to myfitnesspal and it’s come out at around 200 calories for two cakes but I don’t think I trust that (first time I haven’t trusted it actually). I had a sausage sandwich for breakfast, and a chicken breast sandwich for lunch. Might be a bit bizarre and do a Davina in a little bit (despite it being 10pm) just to make up for not going swimming…

I updated yesterday’s post with the sweet and sour pork recipe as well, and I really would recommend giving it a go.

Any way, more tomorrow!


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