Day Sixty-Five: Under the Sea(/pool)

We’ve been swimming again today – I’ve been a few times in between now and my last post and I can definately seen an improvement in my swimming. First time we went if you remember it was lengths in the 50m pool – the two times since that first time it was swimming widths, so only 25m – they were a lot easier!! Today it was back to the 50m, which was hellish the first time, but actually managable today. We hardly had any breaks – just a breather after each length and then back to it. Eventually we devised a cunning plan to get me swimming  a bit quicker, rather than just plodding along at my own speed. It did mean that Si had to slow down slightly, but we did a chase type thing where I had to try catch him. It was difficult because the pool was quite choppy as there was a swimming lesson on where there were people jumping into the pool every ruddy second so it made regulating breathing a bit difficult. I also tried swimming with my head actually in the water (I currently swim with it above water becuase I’ve not got the breathing regulating thing down), and actually it was fun. I bought some new goggles as I’d lost my other ones and they were anti-fog all singing all dancing goggles – it was amazing under the water!!

After that long rant about swimming, I’ve been doing well this week. Lost 3lbs in my weigh-in yesterday, so that brings my total so far to 17lbs in 9 weeks. I’m 1lb behind my 2lb/week goal, which even though it’s a slight deficit I’m incredibly happy with that. I’m going to keep plugging away, and I’m feeling more and more confident in myself every day.

It’s getting to the point where I’m in desperate need of a few new clothes (especially work trousers…) So I’ll have to maybe get some new stuff soonish. Might treat myself at the 2 stone mark.

Tea tonight was Bacon, cheese and tomato tortelloni with tomato marscapone cheese sauce for around 600 calories. I was really good for snacks today. I’d noticed I’d been eating a packet of crisps every day (french fries for around 97 calories), so today I decided to replace them with raspberries, strawberries and grapes. I was munching on them all day, and didn’t crave crisps at all! Woop!

More tomorrow (or Thursday – we’re going to the cinema tomorrow night so might not have time tomorrow)!


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