Day Seventy-One: Forgetful..

I’m not entirely sure why I keep forgetting to write my blog. I have the full intention every night, but I seem to get caught up in something else. Not had a bad week, we ate out last Wednesday when we went to the cinema – we were at Frankie and Benny’s and I was quite well behaved and had something from the lighter options (Red French Pizza I think it was called, was lovely). Been relatively good, and I have lost a pound this week. I was a bit silly last night and I had attempted to make some pitta breads, and we had some as a supper. As you will probably know, bread type things are not great for you anyway, but especially not so much before a weigh-in!! I’m expecting a bit of an artificially large loss next week to make up for it, once the pitta effect has worn off (if that makes sense).

Tonight was homemade meatballs with spaghetti. I half used a BBC recipe for the meatballs, but I used a jar of Dolmio sauce and made a bit of the meatball recipe up as well. It was nice, but perhaps not as healthy as other meals I could make.

Hopefully going swimming tomorrow, dropped off with the exercise a little bit towards the end of the week – swam on Friday but it was full of horrible people who apparently had no idea about swimming etiquette – in particular the rules of lane swimming (don’t stop half way, keep to your half of the lane and swim whatever damn clockwise way they tell you to!!). This resulted in me not staying as long as I planned, only about 30 mins, but then 30 mins is better than the no exercise I was doing seventy-two days ago!

Got a busy week ahead of me this week, and not necessarily a healthy busy week either!! Will most likely be drinking Weds/Thurs/Fri, so I’ll have to keep an eye on myself!

Will hopefully be good and blog tomorrow night as well!


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