Day Eighty-Five: Ruddy Useless..

So I’ve been absent for a record two weeks, for which I can only apologise. I’ve felt a bit down in myself but I am back on it this week. Last week I lost a pound, and this week I have stayed the same, which was disappointing, but a small loss or staying the same at least isn’t a gain.

Food-wise I’ve not been as strict as I should be, probably leading to the lack of a big loss. Me and Si went to an Indian restaurant at the weekend, which was really nice. I had a Chicken Korma, and a mixed grill to start. I couldn’t finish it all, so poor Si had to eat it all!!! We were both bursting when we left, but it was so worth it. We were celebrating him getting a permanent contract at his work, so it was worth forgetting about the diet.

Plan this week is to go swimming Mon/Weds/Fri and do Davina whenever I get chance. Went swimming tonight and stayed there for an hour. It was only widths so it wasn’t too trying, but I did work hard to try to swim as quick as I could – and I have definitely improved from when we started.

Tea last night was Braised Lamb Shanks with Mashed Potatoes. It was really nice, and was a good excuse to buy myself another bit of “kit” for my kitchen – a casserole dish! And for tea tonight, I had a chicken breast and jacket potato. I won’t bore you trying to reminice what I have eaten for the past 2 weeks, but that’s the update from the weekend!

Really going to kick myself if I fail to blog at least 4/5 times this week!!!


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