Day Ninety-Three: Breadmaker

This week I lost a pound, so I am at a 19lb loss so far now. Quite happy with myself, even though I’m not losing the targeted 2lbs a week I am still plodding away at it and I haven’t given up.

I’ve been making a LOT of bread tonight, we’re having a buffet at work tomorrow and my Tiger Bread was requested. Apart from that, we’ve had Chilli for tea which Si made, so we’ll be having that tomorrow as well I reckon. It was really tasty, and isn’t too bad calorie wise.

We went swimming this evening as well, it was lengths which I haven’t done for a while so it was a bit testing, but we still managed about 30/40 mins of swimming. I tried to go last night but there was a power cut at Ponds Forge so they weren’t open! Going again tomorrow night, and will probably go on Friday as well. Finding that I’m getting quicker and I am taking less/shorter breaks between lengths.

Last night I bought some new trainers, jogging bottoms, tshirt and hoody. All these can only mean one thing, I’m going to start going running… I’ll be getting the delivery in late November as the trainers were a pre-order, so I can make do with what I have to begin with but I’ll be more prepared when I get the delivery!

More later!


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