Day One Hundred and Four: Sleepy days

I’m pretty sure I destroyed myself in the gym last night. I’ve been exhausted all day today so I’m having an early night and going to bed at about 10.

Realised that yesterday I didn’t really put how I’ve been doing on the diet weight loss-wise. I’ve been stuck at 17st 5/6lbs for weeks, and it is starting to get on my nerves!! Luckily, the fact that it is annoying me is making me more motivated to really push myself this week, to try get past the wall. Gymming tomorrow night, and I might do a morning swim or workout on Thursday (although I think morning sessions is being optimistic if I’m still this tired!)

For tea tonight we had a childish Chicken Dipper and Jacket Potato! Considering how simple it was it was very nice for a change. Had a subway for dinner as the canteen at work was practically bare, and porridge for breakfast, so not an amazingly strict day but reasonable I feel. Making Sweet and Sour on Thursday which will be nice, not sure what’s on the menu for tomorrow but I’m sure I’ll make an effort to update you all!!

Also, just as a last thought me and Si looked up the calorie content of a large Mighty Meaty from Dominos. Nearly 3000 calories (more than 2 of my day allowance). I wanted to cry!


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