Day One Hundred and Thirty-Four: Regroup and Refocus..

Despite knowing I hadn’t blogged for a while, I was astounded just then to see it has almost been an entire month since I last wrote this blog. I’ve been on and off doing the diet, not been too bad with it, but not been to the gym or trying too hard. There’s been a few different excuses, I’ve been ill/Si’s graduation/Si’s Birthday etc, however nothing really that excusable. I’ve got some editing to do over the weekend, but I think I’ll be able to pop to the gym at some point.

Had chicken wrapped in bacon with a jacket potato for tea, not sure what we’re having for tea tomorrow but it might be similar. The running shoes and workout stuff I ordered a while ago should be arriving this weekend/early next week, so I’ve got that to look forward to as well. Banned myself from Beer on a day to day basis, only for special occasions now (and one off nights etc.)

I promise I’m not going to leave it another month before writing again. Need to refocus my efforts and remember why I started this journey in the first place – get that enthusiasm going again.


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