Restart: New Year, new try!!

This post would have come a lot earlier had my internet not been broken for the past two weeks. Post-Christmas period I have restarted the diet. First official day was last Monday. I had put on a few Christmas (and pre-christmas) pounds, and I restarted the diet at 18stone 2. Weigh-in on Monday and I had already lost 5 pounds, putting me at 17stone 11. It’s not the perfect situation (in which copious amounts of food and alcohol would result in losing weight..), but it’s better than it could be. Might not be as good a week this week as we have been at a funeral in Chester, so dieting wasn’t at the forefront of my mind – but I don’t see that as an issue.

Tried a really nice Hairy Bikers recipe on Sunday which I think will be a staple as we both really enjoyed it. I will post a picture and recipe tomorrow, as my phone has died so I can’t upload the picture!

Finally sorted out the problem with my running stuff as well, so if it’s not too icy over the weekend I’ll be going for my first ever jog in the outside world! Scary stuff. I’m going to restart the day count for the blog as well – saves me figuring out how long it’s been since I’ve written!!

Last point, no sign of Charlie yet – he’s almost a week overdue now. However that does mean I’m going to need another countdown – hopefully one that I can actually stick too as well! I’ll have a think of another short term goal to try and stick at 🙂


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