Biggest Loser Restart

So it has definitely been a while. I’ve been avoiding writing because I know how long it has been which I know is ridiculous as the longer I wait.. the longer it will have been!

So I found a groupon a few weeks ago for The Biggest Loser Club. It’s an online weight loss program that provides a menu and exercise diary, and allows me to track my weight loss and calorie intake. It seems to be working, as I am in week 9 now and I have lost 18lbs so far. I restarted the effort at 18 stone 10lbs, and I am now 17 stone 6.

Tea tonight is chicken stir fry with rice. Breakfast was a piece of toast and dinner was a ham salad sandwich.

I realise now that the 18 stone 10lbs starting marker is what I started at back in July last year, and 17 stone 6 is where I plateaued around September/October last year. It feels different this time. I’m still feeling motivated and I am trying to concentrate my efforts more than I did last time, and I am looking into both the short and long term.

Short Term Goal: Be under 17 stone for Paris! (4 weeks)

Long Term Goal: Be at my goal weight (around 9-10 stone) for Florida (2015!)

I will try blog more often, now that I have finally broken the silence I’m sure I’ll be able to muster the time and effort to do it.


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