Reviving the blog

I haven’t written in a long time. My parents have just set off on a holiday of a lifetime to Las Vegas, and my dad has begun writing a blog of his own, which has reminded me that this blog is sitting here gathering dust!

I am still attempting to lose weight, hence why I’ve decided to write again. I have been struggling in the recent months and have been yo-yoing up and down. There’s no real reason either. There’s been stresses at work as it has been a really busy time (I work in finance and we have just had the end of the tax year), but I don’t feel that is a decent reason! The concentration has just not been there. I’m hoping that reviving this blog and writing about it more frequently will help to awaken my drive again.

I started a new gym towards the end of last year and I am really enjoying working out. In fact, I’d say for the first time in my life, the exercise I’m doing is more in control than my eating. I’ve been lifting weights, and I feel it agrees with me more than treadmills and exercise bikes. I am getting stronger by the week, which is a great feeling. I’ve been working on my Olympic Lifts recently, Clean & Press and Snatch. I’m enjoying throwing weight (albeit a little amount of weight) around, it feels quite empowering especially after a bad day at work!!

Tea tonight is a Slimming World recipe, chicken nuggets. We walked past KFC on the way home and both fancied fried chicken, so thought I could try a compromise and try these. I’ve really chucked the spice in (you know, to get the metabolism going…. haha), but hopefully not too much! We’ve got some potato slices to have with it, and I’m having some curried beans as well. I’ll let you know how it was!

Write soon x


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