Day Fifty-Nine: Lazy day..

Today was so promising when we were talking about it last night – cleaning was going to be done, and we were going to go swimming, but in theory we both just wanted to relax, watch a bit of TV and play on our computers. I didn’t feel too well this morning either, so we … Continue reading

Day Fifty-Seven: Ruddy Pubs…

I was at the pub after work with two friends today, we were staying there for a few drinks and as we’d all been at work all day we wanted to get some food. Now normally I can figure out what would be the best option to have diet-wise, but this pub was just incredibly … Continue reading

Day Fifty-Six: Colourful Food

I’ve been up and down with my feelings about dieting recently. I hate it when I’m exercising (most of the time), and love it when I see results. Today I had an up and down day – me and Si went into town to do a few errands, and we were going to go swimming … Continue reading

Day Fifty-Two: Gym Fail…

So today the plan was for me and Si to go to the gym after work. I’d left my gym kit out, told Si what I needed, and he’d got it all ready and walked into town to meet me. We wander over to Ponds Forge gym, and he asks for entrance to the gym. … Continue reading

Day Fifty-One: Jelly Legs

Again, another busy weekend so I’ve unfortunately dropped off from blogging again!! I really need to make a massive effort to remember on a night to actually write it!! This week I lost 1lb, which while it was slightly disappointing, it is still a loss. I’ve had three busy and not strict weekends all in … Continue reading

Day Fourty-Five: Kicking Fit…

Pre-warning, this following rant is not weight related (or not initially at least..) I was having a good day today until I got home and opened my one piece of post that was actually for me (as opposed to the numerous others for the old occupier). It was a kind note from Scottish Power, saying … Continue reading

Day Fourty-Three: Back to Square One

So happily today I have lost the 2lbs I put on last week, so I am back where I was 2 weeks ago. While this may not sound good, I am happy that I have lost the weight again while having a not-so-strict weekend. This weekend Si was playing in the finals of the Division … Continue reading

Day Thirty-Eight: And the rest…

So I’ve been absolutely awful writing the blog this week. Last post was this time last week. I’ve not been that good recently, and this Monday I had put two pounds on. I think this was mainly due to having a really bad weekend, but I’m putting a real effort into being good this week … Continue reading